Thursday, August 13, 2009

6 Great Youth Financial Literacy Links

These are some of the top resources that I've found that can help you teach your kids about the value of money:

Allowance Magic - Short, simple authoritative allowance system. Full disclosure - We sell this book on our site,

Thrive By Five - What can kids learn about money BEFORE they enter kindergarten? A lot!

Early Childhood Financial Literacy - Great study about the importance of teaching kids and building good money habits young.

Frugal Dad - This Dad is on a mission. Join him.

First National Bank of Dad - I LOVED David Owen's book. His wit and wisdom can help you teach your kids about money. Incredibly well written.

The Money Mammals ( - Full disclosure - I created this DVD. Like Frugal Dad, I'm on a mission to teach kids about the value of money and I believe it's important to make the process fun. Our DVD is a family affair - my wife and I came up with the concept to teach our kids about the value of money, I wrote the script and my brother wrote the songs. Your kids or grandkids will love the DVD and they'll learn something in the process. If they don't, holler at me ( and we'll give your money back.

Let me know what you think and post YOUR favorite resources.