Sunday, February 17, 2008

Susan Linn takes on McDonald's

Many of you may have heard about McDonald's rewarding children at Florida's Red Bug Elementary School in Seminole County with free Happy Meals for good grades. I was appalled by the idea (I don't think grades should be rewarded with money or prizes, period). Luckily for all of us against the concept of advertising on report cards, Susan Linn of the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood led a campaign to halt the practice with the support of almost two-thousand parents. McDonald's has terminated the pratice as a result of this campaign. Click on the link above to read the press release about the campaign's success.

I also highly recommend watching Stephen Colbert's take on this topic at



tehnyit said...

Rewarding for good grades is always one of those things that could work out well. What I am trying to say is the kids also need to understand that hard work will bear some nice rewards, not necessary burgers, but things such as trips to the park.

I mean, as adults, we work hard and enjoy the fruits of our labour, don't we?

John said...

I think we can all agree that advertising on report cards is probably not a good thing for anyone but McDonald's.

Anonymous said...


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