Thursday, December 11, 2008

President's Advisory Council on Financial Literacy

Just in case you weren't convinced of the importance of youth financial literacy...The President's Advisory Council on Financial Literacy (yes, there is one) is releasing a draft recommendation on how to advance advance financial literacy in the US (check out the top link).

-to expand and improve financial education for students from kindergarten through post-secondary education;

-to support the increasingly important role of employers as providers and conduits of financial education for their employees;

-to increase access to financial services for the millions of unbanked and underserved Americans;

-to identify and promote a standardized set of skills and behaviors that a financial education program should teach an individual; and

-to promote more awareness among Americans of the state of financial literacy and dedicate more resources toward educating Americans on how to improve that.

Granted, these are only recommendations, but it shines a bright light on the importance of teaching young kids (not to mention teens and adults) to share and save and spend smart. Lack of financial literacy in the US is like a disease that has infected our economy badly. It's so important that we marshall as many resources as possible to cure this disease.

You can find out more about the council by clicking here.


Joanne R. said...

Hello John,

You can let your reader know that the Council's Annual Report to the President is available on the website.

The link for the U.S. President’s Advisory Council is This site contain the Council’s first Annual Report to the President (approved January 6, 2009) and contains 15 recommendations on policies that the federal government should adopt to address financil illeracy in youth and adults.

Thank you for your efforts in delivering financial literacy education and resources which will help rebuild the wealth of our nation.

John said...


It's posted above now. Thank you.