Thursday, August 16, 2007

A Little Victory

I talk a lot about needs and wants to other parents and kids and it's a core part of the mission my company and I are on. Recently, though, I've been wondering about the effectiveness of this communication because my 4-year-old, Quinn, has been overwhelming my wife and me with whining about "wants, wants, wants." I kept thinking to myself, "Is she getting it?"

And just about when I was at my breaking point, she stunned me. We were cruising down Gower St. here in Los Angeles when Kellyn, our 2-year-old, blurted from the back seat, "I need my Dora" (pronounced "Doe-wah" in two-speak). I had just watched her toss it on the floor and since I was, well, driving, I wasn't in a rush to satisfy this demand. She quickly followed her request with a whine when suddenly Quinn chimed in, "Kellyn, you don't NEED your Dora, you WANT it." I looked at Quinn in the rearview mirror and smiled. A little victory.

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