Sunday, September 02, 2007

Put It In Writing?

Memorialize your child's commitment to learn the value of money by putting it in writing - or at least make it visual in some way. Just as you should write your own goals down to "train" your brain to follow your direction, writing or memorializing your child's commitment is something to strongly consider if you want to begin their lifelong commitment to money smarts. If you want some help (and an easy way to start), you can print a free copy of a Money Mammals certificate for your kids to help them to commit to share, save and spend smart (Click Here to download certificate). Or have your child make his own certificate. Or simply write something on a piece of paper that you refer to on a continuous basis. I personally like the idea of a certificate because it carries more weight - and it goes on a wall for easy reference. Another idea (or a complimentary idea) might be a wristband so that you can refer to it when you are out the house and out of range of the certificate. As always, good luck and always remember to Share & Save & Spend Smart Too.

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